Magic Unicorn Pink Drink is a brand new Energy Refreshing Drink. The exclusively developed

Recipe is unique and is in no comparison to well-known energy drinks. The fruity creation of apple and guava offers a special taste experience. Each sip makes you feel as if you are immersed in a rainbow and kissed by a unicorn. Try the new style of refreshing drinks and discover a magical world with Magic Unicorn and be enchanted by the unicorn.


For each can of Magic Unicorn you also get a packet with the magical "Unicorn Glitter".

This can be safely mixed into the drink and dissolved by stirring. This makes the Pink Drink even more magical and makes it sparkle. You can also paint the glitter on the lips and exchange it with your favorite magical unicorn kisses. Of course, this glitter is pure on a natural basis, vegan and gluten free and free of chemical additives.


What are you waiting for? Get your Magic Unicorn home and party together

with your friends your friendship and life. Be who you want to be! - Be a Magic Unicorn!


Tip from the unicorn: Magic Unicorn is ideal for mixing for various party drinks and cocktails and thus allows completely new and unique taste experiences! There are no limits to your imagination ;-)

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